Beef Ordering Information

At O H Triangle Ranch, we take pride in our steers. They are born and raised with their mothers in large grass pastures till weaning at 6-8 months. After that they are moved to adjacent grass pastures where they graze until they are a year old. After that we select our best steers for processing later that year. The remaining steers are sold through special stocker sales where we have won several Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion awards. The steers held back are then started on small amounts of finish feed to aid in maximum muscle growth while in their large grass pasture. They stay on these rations while slowly increasing finish feed as they grow till butcher dates in the fall. These steers never receive hormones or antibiotics their entire lives. Being selected by their natural ability to thrive on mainly grass, they are grass fed and lightly grain finished for high quality, lean fat meat. By butcher date they average 1,200 lbs or more at time of live delivery to butcher.

Our 2023 beef steer season price is $2.15 per live pound. After deposit for beef portion is made your portion will be on hold until final live weight is calculated upon delivery to butcher. O H Triangle Ranch will send a second invoice for remaining balance of live animal due. All processing fees will be paid directly to the butcher, Mertzon Meat Company in Mertzon, TX.

Our beef is processed at Mertzon Meat Company in Mertzon, TX. 

Click Here to view the 2023 processing price list.

We market the highest quality meat to our local community, ourselves and anyone else who is looking for healthy and clean high quality beef. Please use the following guides to help select which size option is best for you needs. 

Quarter Beef